During the early 1970s, the City of Miami began to evolve as one of the most important international trading centers in the United States. One of the industries that contributed to this growth was the fresh cut flower industry, which has since become one of the most dynamic and competitive industries in the South Florida economy. Founded in 1973, Riverdale Farms was among the first Miami-based companies to begin importing fresh cut flowers from South America and the Caribbean for resale to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Beginning primarily as a carnation importer, Riverdale later added other types of flowers to its product line like minicarnations, roses, alstroemerias, chrysanthemums, gypsophilia, statice, asters, etc.

Riverdale became an early innovator being the first company to distribute carnations treated with S.T.S, a process that was later to become the standard of the industry. Also during 1981, the formula for the Super Carnations was introduced. This formula allows carnations to last longer.

In the 90s with the growth of flowers sales in supermarkets chains, Riverdale developed and introduced a floral program including a tailor made bouquet line for the mass-market chains in the United States. Our Marketing department designs the bouquets according to market trends, season of the year and any particular holiday needs (Valentines, Mother’s day and other holidays throughout the year).

Riverdale installed in its facilities wet-packing and arrangement production lines, the final product leaves our building ready for display at the supermarket store level.

The growers, with which Riverdale has a long-standing business relationship, follow strict quality control guidelines, and special pre- and post-harvest procedures, to ensure the quality, freshness and durability of the products we sell.

Products can be cut at the stage of development preferred by each customer, packed in any color or variety assortment and shipped in any size box (full, half or quarter). By working closely with its suppliers though periodic production planning, Riverdale Farms provides meaningful information about changing market trends and product variety preferences. This process allows the farms to be responsive to the customers.